4 Life-Saving Tips to Maintain Wigs

Wigs are the most astounding and needed inventions for humankind. The shine, grace, and unbelievable look it gives make it worth everything. Although there are many kinds of wigs, but the most generous ones are human hair wigs. The greatest feature of 613 human hair wig is that it doesn’t let your wig secret out!

One always takes care of their wig, just like their own child. Yet, maintaining the quality of a wig is quite a difficult task. You might be thinking about the best ways to preserve the quality of your favourite human hair wig, right? Well, you’re on the right page. By following these four easy steps, your wig will always be new. So, let’s begin!

Wash Your Wig Once in a Week

Now that you have a glorious wig, you must care for it like your hair. Just like you don’t wash your hair frequently, you must not wash wigs often too.

The recommended timeline to wash a wig is once a week. But the best way to make your wig run longer is to wash it after you’ve worn it 5 to 6 times. Another healthy trick is not to use hot water while cleaning the wig. Instead, lukewarm water will keep its quality safe.

Do Not Over-Heat It

Most of you might be thinking— “what’s the point of using a wig when one can’t use heat on it?” Well, the fact is, as your natural hair gets damaged by heat, your wigs also tend to get damaged by it. Remember, the worth of your wig is as same as your hair, so why ruin it? Why not care for it?

You can use heat-producing equipment but try to use it less often on the lowest possible heat setting. Also, do avoid straighteners and curlers away from wig roots. You can also opt for tons of heat-free hairstyles.

Un-Wig Yourself While Sleeping

Human hair wigs can easily get damaged if you don’t take them off while sleeping. No matter how lightweight they are, they still need to be removed. Tossing in sleep can damage the wig’s hair because of tangling wig hairs.

Until and unless you don’t want to lose that favourite wig, remove it before sleeping. It won’t take much time.

Store it Safe from Pollution

Your wigs are not built to absorb all that pollution and dust. The best way to store it is to keep it inside a cupboard or somewhere where it is not exposed to dust, sun, moisture, humidity, and pollution. You must also use good products to cleanse and wash it too.

Another trick is not just to throw it away somewhere but to hang it on a wig stand. Don’t forget that a wig that stands smaller than your head won’t let your wig cap stretch.

Wrapping Up!

Human hair wigs are the needs of everyone out there. Yet, none will ever want to spend tons of bucks on the same wigs. So, the best way to make your wig outperform a little longer is to take care of slight details. A great wig day can only be possible if you treat it righteous.