All You Need to Know about Custom Canopy Tent

Custom Canopy Tents are portable and collapsible structures customized with your logo and personalized with your design choice. Generally, they consist of fabric-covered aluminum frames with rectangular covers.

You can even get a custom canopy tent with a restaurant dome shape. The tent unfolds and expands into shape when needed, then folds back quickly afterward. There are generally three different sizes of custom canopy tents, making them ideal for various groups.

It makes them suitable for uses as small as vendor expositions or community events. Also, in this article, you’ll learn a great deal more about custom canopy tents. So, keep reading.


It is impossible to single out one tent fabric as the ideal choice for a custom tent. Your preference will be dependent on the specific needs you have. For your custom canopy tents, you can choose between nylon, canvas, and PVC polyester.

While nylon material has a lower weight, it does not have the same durability as the other fabrics. You can use it for a one-off event if you want a cheaper option. Among the fabrics, the canvas is the heaviest and thickest.

It has very high durability and is particularly suitable for semi-permanent tents. With a PVC polyester canopy, you will benefit from a UV-resistant and waterproof PVC coating.

As a result, it makes for the ideal tent material for events such as trade shows and expos due to its versatility and lightweight nature. Choose a canopy material with a denier count that matches your tent’s fabric.

The denier count indicates how strong the fabric is. The strength of a material depends on its denier count, so the more strands, the greater the denier count and the greater its strength. The Heavy-duty 600 denier option for a tent is stronger and more durable than the 300 denier option.

Tent Weight & Walls

Ensure to choose a tent that can easily withstand high winds. However, if you own a lightweight tent, you might be required to perform additional tasks to prevent it from hash weight or storming.

Your custom tent will be sturdier in case of high winds if you fill heavy-weight bags with sand or water bottles. These things will be helpful when you can’t obtain a heavy-duty tent or frame for your summit tent.

Moreover, it would be best to focus on the tent’s walls as they protect from the elements under unfavorable conditions, such as wind and cold.

You can add back walls, sidewalls, or half walls based on the weather and the type of event you are holding. When it is cold outside, you might consider adding a back wall and a sidewall to keep the inside warm.

Personalized Frames

Adding a canopy tent frame to your tent allows you to create a more dynamic event setup. Make the tent stand out by using graphics or your brand colors.

You can also purchase a tent package to save money instead of buying individual accessories. You can improve the appearance of your tent with accessories such as a table cover, a half wall, etc.