Benefits Of Using Chair Leg Caps For Your Furniture

Furniture are large movable items that are often introduced to houses and offices to increase their functionality and improve the beauty of the room, while also enhancing the characteristics of the room. Furniture is often made of large pieces of wood or metal, depending on the design and the intended use. Common examples of furniture are chairs, tables, and beds, and they all function to make the room in which they are introduced to be useful and more beautiful. While the use of several types of furniture has lasted through many generations, there is no doubt that meaningful alterations have been made to make them more usable and a lot more comfortable.

Furniture is often made in small and large pieces, depending on what they are intended for. But furniture pieces are often made either for sitting or lying, which means there are larger furniture pieces than there are smaller ones. Moving these large furniture pieces can cause all forms of damages to the floor of your house or office. Hence, the introduction of glides and chair leg caps to help curb the effect of furniture pieces on floors and improve the beauty of the furniture. A typical example of furniture footing that can provide both cover and beauty to the under-part of your furniture is the Stuhlkappen Silikon silicon chair leg cap, which offers both balance and protection.

What Is A Chair Glide

Also referred to as chair leg cap, a chair glide is a small material introduced to the bottom of a chair to protect the chair leg and the floor on which it is kept. Chair glides are small and seemingly invisible, but they play a huge role in making our floors and chair legs last longer. Glides are often attached to wooden chairs with nails and screws, while they are inserted in the underparts of a metal chair leg.

Uses And Importance Of Chair Glides

Chair glides are generally used to provide additional support and protection to the chairs and the floor alike. They are necessary for all chairs and other pieces of furniture too, but some specific conditions demand the use of chair glides more. They include:

  1. Rough floor surfaces: If the floor of your home or office is not as smooth as regular floors, it becomes very difficult to move furniture like chairs from one position to another. Introducing a plastic or nylon glide to such furniture can help to improve its mobility and provide safety to the chair and floor.
  2. Noisy floors: Sudden movement of chairs on the floor can produce a sharp unwanted squeak. But the soft nature of felt glides can help to eliminate these offensive sounds.
  3. Soft floors:Soft floors are very comfortable to walk on, and each step leaves a warm sensation under your feet. But soft floors are fragile and more exposed to damages. Chair glides help to ensure that the floor is not affected by the chair movements.


A chair leg cap is a very important feature that all chairs must have to make them more usable. But chair glides are temporary and are bound to wear out at some point. Therefore, you must be vigilant to notice when a chair glide starts to wear out so that you can change them promptly.