Earning FIFA 21 PS4 Coins with Silver and Bronze Packs

FIFA 21 is here. Gamers are having fun building teams and making cool cash. Earning from bronze packs is one of the popular methods for earning coins on FIFA. In this post, we consider how to get massive coins by using both silver and bronze packs.

You may wonder why we don’t advise you to get gold packs. The reason is that gold coins are in huge supply on the PS4. For instance, if you buy gold packs worth $500, you may end up selling for a lower price due to low demand. The demand for silver and bronze packs is very encouraging. Check how to buy FUT coins to get silver or bronze packs. Each card in FIFA Ultimate Team commands value. As you continue to play FIFA 21 PS4, you will be able to gather some Bronze cards, which may be worth a thousand or more coins.

How to open a silver pack?

You need to pick players in the top five countries, including ENG 1, FRA 1, GER 1, ITA 1, and SAU. If you prefer League SBCs, send the players to your chosen club. If you don’t need the players, put them on the transfer list. Keep all the remaining unutilized players from other leagues until a fair offer or SBC League surfaces. Thursdays are days you can sell players for coins. Check every Thursday to determine whether to trade players or hold until they become more valuable.

Below are some tips that can make you earn more silver coins.

  1. Move all duplicate players and healing players to the transfer list
  2. List Manager contract cards at around 150 or 200 coins for an hour
  3. Include all badges, kits, celebrations, stadia, balls, tifo cards, and themes on the transfer list.
  4. Go to your transfer list to see the current prices of your items. Check ‘compare price’ to follow the market for each card. If you find a particular card selling above 150 or 200 coins, add to the base price when listing yours for sale. You should be able to get bids within the hour. You could list the item again if you didn’t close the bid after an hour. You may also try to reduce the listing price on your card.

Remember that this strategy is for long-term earnings. You may wait for the value of some items to increase before you exchange them for silver coins. Leave player cards to appreciate. Don’t be in a hurry to sell.

Follow the same steps highlighted above also to open bronze packs.

Flip Silver or Bronze Player Cards

Investing in silver or bronze packs can take so long before they give tangible profits. However, you can flip cards to make quick coins from your cards. Pick a popular 2nd tier league like the EFL championship. Hit maximum bid on silver cards (200 coins max) or shinies (300 coins Max). Max bid all 50 cards at a go. The one you win is flipped back into your transfer list at values ranging between 500 and 800 coins. Observe current market prices of cards before listing them.


You can choose to invest in silver and bronze packs after learning how to buy FUT coins for long-term earnings. However, flipping cards is a more viable option for gamers who would love to see and use their extra coins without waiting for so long.