Features To Consider When Choosing A Bathtub

Baths usually take longer than showers. If we take more time in bathtubs, then they ought to be comfortable. Bathtub manufacturers understand this necessity and have come up with a variety of appealing features, styles, shapes, and sizes to match different tastes and fit different budgets.

Different Types Of Bathtubs

Most bathtub manufacturers give buyers options which means there are so many types of bathtubs in the market. Before choosing one that you feel works well for you, there are some factors that you need to consider. These are:


The style

There are different types of bathtubs to accommodate different needs. The main ones are:

  • Freestanding. These don’t need any walls to be installed and so they can provide an amazing centerpiece for the bathroom.
  • Regular. These are in the classic design but have been changed slightly to look modern.
  • Oval. These are symmetrical and round in shape. They look more or less like the water basin and are ideal for smaller homes where space is limited.
  • Angled. These are slopped slightly higher on one side with the aim of supporting the back and neck as you take a bath.  
  • Clawfoot. These are traditionally longer and rectangular in shape. They’re freestanding and have four “claws” at the bottom which act as legs.
  • Alcove. These are also known as recessed tubs and are installed in a recess of three connecting walls with one finished side. They don’t take up a lot of space.
  • Corner tubs. These are similar to the alcove tubs but are much wider.   
  • Undermount. These bathtubs are also known as drop-in tubs. They are installed underneath the surrounding deck so it looks more uniform to the bathroom as the rims are hidden.
  • Japanese style. These are also referred to as soaking tubs. They’re either oval or circular but are generally taller than normal tubs –are best suited for larger homes. Their main purpose is to allow you to sit inside and soak in.
  • Walk-in. These tubs make it possible to walk in and sit down without slipping. They have grooves and notches along the insides to provide grip. The tubs also have handholds to improve balance and stability. These are ideal for homes with elderly people.

The materials

When it comes to material, the priciest is the most comfortable and the longest lasting. It may also be heavier. Different materials are:

  • Fiberglass. This is the cheapest and is usually made from reinforced plastic which is molded into the shape of a bathtub. This material is porous and so tends to deteriorate over time.
  • Porcelain. This is constructed by layering cast iron or stamped steel with porcelain enamel which makes them quite durable.  
  • Acrylic. This material is formed using solid sheets of petrochemicals, stabilizers, resin, and dye. These items are heated then molded into the desired shape and then reinforced with fiberglass. It’s non-porous.
  • Ceramic. These tubs are made by molding numerous ceramic tiles together until they harden.
  • Stone Resin.  This is made using crushed natural stones which are bound together using a strong glue. The tubs are affordable, high-quality, and durable.  
  • Cultured Marble. Made using crushed limestone and resin. The tubs retain heat very well, are durable, heavy, and quite expensive.
  • Copper. These tubs are custom-made and incredibly durable. They retain heat, are aesthetically pleasing, but are very expensive.
  • Wood. Just like the copper tubs, these are also custom-made and aesthetically pleasing. The wood is sealed with water-resistant wax. Wooden tubs are also very expensive.

Other factors to consider …

  • Size

The size you get depends on the space you have available.

  • Installation

Different bathtubs have different methods of installation. This is because they have varying shapes, sizes, weights, and designs.

  • Price

The price is determined by the material used to make the tub. Also, smaller tubs are cheaper than larger ones.

  • Lifestyle

Lastly, you need to consider the needs of the people who will be using the tub. Again, comfort is key. Always do your research before buying.