Heart pendant with chain and custom photo for you

Golden heart-shaped pendant for gift

This is a bildkette necklace that has a custom printed photo option. Buyers can give their desired image to be printed on it. It’s a golden colored necklace, that is handmade within 3 days. Users can expect toughness and durability from the product. Moreover, it’s made of sterling silver, which is considered pretty stiff. The product won’t leave any side effects or skin issues even if worn on bare skin for a long time. Hence, girls can wear it on their sensitive skin for as long as they want.

Photo printed necklace with attractive design

The necklace has a photo in addition to an attractive appearance. It’s gold colored with a heart shape design. There’s no flip cover in it. Instead, one side has the custom printed photo and the back side has an engraving “Love Forever”. The perimeter or the edge of the necklace has small stones that further add to the beauty of this product. Finally, there’s a chain attached to the pendant, making it possible to be worn around the neck.

Quick handmade necklace with custom photo

All the products are handmade within 3 days. Still there are nil chances of manufacturing defects. It takes at least 3-5 days to finish one product. The delivery time will take at least 7 days to ship worldwide under normal situations. Buyers cannot change their orders once payment has been made. Moreover, the order placement will be confirmed upon full payment receiving in advance. Customers have an option to make full payment online. Those looking to save money can opt for promotional deal codes during checkout.

Shipping Details of heart-shaped pendant for gift

This gift item shall be eligible for free delivery, if the total order amount exceeds 69 Euros. If choosing a gift wrap option, then it’ll further add to the final cost of the product. For the sake of buyer’s convenience, an email notification will be sent to them to keep them informed about their order. Most orders are delivered using DHL express where custom duties are chargeable separately based on the country.

Customization in quick handmade necklace with custom photo

Buyers when uploading their image on the website should ensure the following issues:

  1. The image should not be blurred.
  2. There should be no darkness in the image. Image should be clear and visible.
  3. No image should be rotated clockwise or counterclockwise. The face should be clearly visible.
  4. Ensure that the face(s) is not too zoomed in or out.

Failing to abide by the above rules won’t cancel the order, but these suggestions help customers get the perfect gift pendant for their loved ones. Target customers include females, usually young ones, whose beauty will enhance by wearing this necklace.

The product is designed in such a manner that it’ll suit most ladies irrespective of their height. The sleek and compact design won’t feel heavy on the neck even after wearing it for several hours. The chain length is 40cm, which is an ideal length, reaching the chest of most average heighted people.