How to Attach Paper Doilies to a Material

There are a few unique things you treasure in life. These things may have no use to your loved ones, but you treasure them. Well, doilies are some of those items. They were made dear to keep your memory alive. Therefore, you may find it necessary to treasure them, given their sentimental value. And that means that you can use the doilies to make incredible pieces in your home. Here is how to attach paper doilies to a preferred product:

Prepare your materials before anything else. Here is what you will need:

  • A wooden board of about four by 3 feet
  • Loctite spray
  • Adhesive
  • Fabric flowers
  • Buttons
  • Vintage decorations
  • Glue gun
  • Paper roll

Cut a small piece of the paper roll coupled with different threads of colors. This should be dependent on your choice and preferences. Fold your yarn in half. Follow this step by pushing the loop into the paper roll.

Take the end of the roll and fold it over your paper. Could you insert it into the loop? Form a knot to cover the threads. Take tissue paper and roll it into a small ball. You should have a had shaped product in the yarn. Now the next thing you need to do is tying the knot on the threads again. Trim the ends and then decorate the space how you wish.

A doily paper may not cover every surface, such as a shelf and table. However, a crocheted doily is still hanging around several homes. If you inherited a couple from your grandmother, crafting them into something you would use at home.

You can also:

  • Sand the edges of your board which happens to be wooden
  • Use two coats of paint to cover the board.
  • Allow it to dry overnight.
  • Wash your doilies
  • Go ahead and press them on the surface of the product you are forming.
  • These surfaces should be wrinkle-free.
  • Layout your doilies by mounting them on the dry board

This should be done according to your preferred style and design.

  • The doilies should hang off that board.

Now that you have a preferred design, you should use the adhesive to stick the doilies to the wooden board. Begin from one corner as you spray your board with the paste onto the next corner. Press the doilies on the board, one by one. Avoid the edges. Let the whole thing settle in for 48 hours.

Flip the board over. Allow the doilies to stick to the edges. After that, you should arrange your flowers and buttons, and doilies into a particularly preferred design. Make sure you have adhered the same to the glue.

That is it! Perhaps the most challenging phase of it all is the waiting bit where you need to hang in there until the glue dries.

Final Thoughts

Paper doilies are made of wood pulp. High-quality doilies do not have fluorescent agents. Therefore, they are safe to use for decoration. But it would be best if you also learned how to attach them to your materials. As indicated above, you only need to follow the steps to succeed in achieving the results.