How to shop for your smart TV box online

The smart TV box is among the gadgets that have transformed the entertainment industry in the recent era. The EVPAD pro brings the world of music and movies into your hands. Multiple options are available, offering variable possibilities depending on specific user needs. Besides, you can send emails, browse different social media platforms, read news, among other countless possibilities on the smart TV box.

Considering the fact that multiple smart TV box brands are available in online stores, making the right purchase decision can be a daunting process. In that case, you will need to consider different features to ensure you get the suitable device that offers the entertainment services you need. Here are key features to consider when a smart TV box.

Processing power

Smart TV box comes with varying processing power. You will want to purchase a device that offers smooth performance. Optimal performance is defined by the capacity of the CPU and RAM. A smart TV box will have optimal performance if the processor is at least 1.5GHz and above. Those devices integrated with an Octa-core processor would perform excellently too. You should also beware of the processors recommended to offer the best performance on specific tasks such as gaming or running 4K content. When you opt for a smart TV box with higher performance, you should remember that they come at a higher price.

The storage capacity

If you are opting for the smart TV box for your home entertainment, you need to consider the storage capacity. The storage option should be appropriate depending on the activities you will be doing with the device. You also need to consider the size of the operating system installed and the additional storage for personal use. These smart TV boxes usually take a larger space to run the operating system; therefore, you should go for internal storage that is large enough to accommodate the content you will be using on the device. It would be best if you opted for a smart TV box that supports the external storage devices with bigger portions.

Video and display quality

When considering the video and display options, you will possibly check the hardware options installed for connecting to the screen. Some options tend to offer high-definition displays compared to others. You should ensure you get the best display from the smart TV box you opt to purchase. The common video and display options are determined by the HDMI quality, dynamic refresh rate switching, and high-efficiency video encoding properties. You should ensure that the smart TV box supports 4K video streaming and other HD content from online platforms such as YouTube and Netflix.


Ensure the smart TV box you plan to purchase has the best network connectivity. Since you will be surfing the internet and streaming content, the device should support smooth connectivity to ensure you have the best signal to prevent movies from buffering unnecessarily. Bluetooth connectivity is also important so that you can transfer, play music or connect with peripheral devices.


Besides the basic features, you need to ensure that your smart TV box supports additional features and services that can improve the user experience. Combining the above features will help make the right purchase decision of a smart TV box that will meet your specific needs. However, it would be best to avoid options that you don’t need because they make the smart TV box expensive.