How to Tell If a Wig is Human Hair

The false hair market is quickly flooding with several brand types. To many wig wearers, getting legit human hair wigs is an investment. It can be depressing when an individual excitedly spends their hard-earned money on hair bundles only for the product to start matting within two days. So how do you tell the difference between fake and real human hair?

By looking at the wig closely, you can tell whether it is real or a duplicate. But some fake ones can look exactly like the real ones. So what criteria do you use in this case?

  • The bleaching test– when bleached, human hair lightens so fast. This is highly dependent on the grade. A fake brand will burn.
  • Use the burn test to find out if it is real or fake– using a pair of scissors cut a piece of the wig and then put it on the flame.  

In case it melts into a ball and not burn, or smells like rubber, then it is not human hair.

Generally, human hair will burn and curling into a small ball. Fake hair, on the other hand, melts.

  • Go with referrals – every market has a group of unscrupulous business professionals determined to mix human hair with synthetics. So you have to be keen when purchasing.

Excellent reviews from customers you trust should help you purchase the right hair.

  • Color test– if the hair happens to have subtle color changes or transitions, it is definitely natural.

Real human hair acquires its color when exposed to natural light. This is not practical artificially.

  • Wave – you may have purchased straight or curled human hair, but authentic human hair will curl up when it is wet. The hair must also have some bounce to it rather than being stiff.
  • Hair texture– naturally, a human hair is softer and shinier. It is also more durable as compared to synthetic hair because it is manufactured from real human hair.

Before you make that purchase, you should go ahead and feel the hair texture. Natural hairpieces are coated with scales.

  • Price matters– the actual cost of human hair wigs can be a giveaway. If the hair is unrealistically cheap, you need to be wary even if it is on offer.  

A legit seller will get you the hair at the best price. This is not to imply that you must go for overpriced hair.

  • Check the hair for tangles– human hair can tangle but not that much. The longer your hair, the higher the possibilities of if tangling.

This should not be an issue. But if there is excessive tangling, you need to be wary.

  • Shedding– in a usual scenario, shedding can happen, and it is normal to some extent.

Excessive shedding is not normal. In usual cases, shedding should be a few strands, particularly when you comb the hair. It would be best if you sealed the wefts present on the weaves to ensure that the hair stays on.

Final Thoughts  

When looking at genuine wigs, you must consider quality because this is the only aspect that differentiates the bad from the good and then ugly. It is vital that you invest in real human hair wigs.