Pool Balls: Top Ways to Use Them in Games

Pool parties are awesome, aren’t they? Having all your friends around in the pool while you have fun I something that should be on everybody’s bucket list. However, organizing an interesting pool party is not easy to do. It requires a lot of planning, and most importantly, lots of cool games. So if you have a pool party coming up soon and you also plan to use piscine a balle, you’ve come to the right place. Here, you will learn about lots of cool games you can try, especially those that involve the use of pool balls.

Top Swimming Pool balls Games

1. Letter and Color Smash

For the kids, this game will surely them interested. Write a few letters on colored construction papers and simply attach them to a door or a wall. This can be more complicated depending on the age of the child. Next, use masking tape to draw a line on the floor and make the kids try to use their balls to aim at the letters on the walls as you call them out. The kid who gets the most letters wins the game.

2. Blanket Toss

For this game, all you need are pool balls and a blanket. To get this game started, tell the participants to hold the corners of the blanket and then place a pool ball on the blanket. Next, instruct them to bounce the ball as high up as possible and try to catch the ball with the blanket. Check how many times they will be able to catch the ball before it touches the ground. This game helps improve teamwork and it’s also a great way to have fun.

3. The Animal Toss

Have the participants of this game stand away from you and toss the ball to each participant. As each participant catches the ball, they then toss it back to you while making an animal sound. Fun right? Well, it gets more interesting. The rule of the game is that sounds can not be repeated. So, each participant will have to come up with a new animal sound each time. Why not test yourself out and see how many animal sounds you can mimic.

4. Beach Basketball

This particular game involves the use of hand-eye coordination and it also involves gross motor skills. You can get this going by using a laundry hamper as a basketball net. Next, place it across the room. Use masking tape to draw a line from the laundry hamper at an appropriate distance. Set a timer to one minute and watch them throw the ball into the laundry hamper. This is so much fun.

5. Beach Ball Bowling

Well, the games are endless. To get this game going, look for a suitable hallway with walls that can serve as bumpers, and arrange your bowling pins. However, you should make sure that the pins are light because your ball is also light. This way, they will be able to knock down pins easily. You can use empty cereal boxes or empty water bottles as your pins.


Pool balls is an amazing game for you and your kid. So, why not give it a try sometime soon?