Simple Steps To Increase Youtube Watch Hours

YouTube has become the new online learning and entertainment front for most people. Now more than ever, making a living while creating content on your camera from anywhere in the world has become possible. To monetize your YouTube channel, you have to increase your YouTube watch hours to 4000 watch hours within twelve months. Making money from home or as a side hustle can greatly improve your income and your life. If you want, you can buy 1000 watch hours from a trusted vendor to speed up the process of joining the YouTube partnership Program. This article looks at tips to help you boost your YouTube watch hours.

Watch time is defined by YouTube as the amount of time that a random viewer has watched your video. Watch time alerts you and YouTube as to which content viewers find interesting instead of the videos that viewers click on and leave halfway. Watch time is emphasized as a primary ranking signal in their code.

1. Quality over Quantity is the secret

Good quality draws in viewers and gets them to stay to the end and subscribe to your channel. It is better to post a few quality videos instead of many videos that have no value to your viewers. Statistics show that every minute 500 hours of content is uploaded to YouTube. If your content is to stand a chance, you need to be unique and authentic. If you cannot be authentic, then try and make something better than what already exists on the platform.

2. The first 15 seconds are crucial

The first 15 seconds of your video are crucial; it determines whether your viewer stays to watch or abandons the video. Statics show that over a third of viewers will stop watching a video within the first 30 seconds. Meaning, you should put your best foot forward within the first few seconds. Take those seconds to show the viewer what to expect from the video.

3. Choose the appropriate YouTube titles and thumbnails for your videos

Never use clickbait titles for your YouTube videos. When viewers search for specific content and find content not to match the title, you will never get 4000 watch hours because everyone will leave before the video is over. Choose a thumbnail that is responsive both on PCs and on mobile devices to ensure you capture the most traffic.

4. Structure a playlist to drive a linear viewing Experience

Creating a playlist for your viewers allows them to keep watching your content after the first video is over instead of being directed to other videos, which may draw them away from your channel. Your playlists should have related content so as not to seem disorganized and throw off the viewer. To improve the viewers’ experience, use the start and end time function to emphasize IN and OUT points for each video.


Social media platforms present a challenge for users to provide useful content to viewers and followers. To monetize your YouTube channel, you must work on increasing YouTube watch hours. Keywords are also a way to boost watch time after implementing the tips mentioned earlier. Lastly, use long-tail keywords for better chances of viewers landing on your channel.