Stay safe and secure with Milfra smart home

Wouldn’t it be cool if every household appliance could be connected and controlled through wireless means? Do you think it is impossible to control your house’s electricity and lights by your phone? Well, all of this is possible now, thanks to Milfra smart home. Take advantage of home automation and get any smart product of your need from their online store. Milfra smart home provides you intelligent home products for making your life easy and convenient like never before. There are many automated household products that may catch your interest. Let us see what products they have for us.

Digital Remote Dimmer Switch

The digital remote dimmer switch is one of its kinds as it is primarily made for LED bulbs. It enables you to smartly control the lights of your house without any sort of physical touch. This stylish and latest dimmer switch allows you to make your life effortless as you can activate the dimmer switch by your voice commands.

  • Its voice activation feature can work with any virtual platform such as Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.
  • You can schedule your lighting scenes and also control it through their app.
  • Just install the app in your operating system and control your house lights through your phone.
  • These dimmer switches can be installed at your hotels, malls, houses, farmhouses, etc.

Receptacle Wi-Fi Remote Outlet

Wi-Fi remote outlet is made for offering you control over your smart electrical outlet by your phone. Yes, it can also be controlled via the installed application. So, even if you are far away from your place, you can still control the sockets through your mobile phones. In this way, you will not only save electricity and energy but also turn your dull walls into attractive ones. It can also be voice-activated, giving you more ease and comfort. You can create your desired scenes such as night, sunrise, or evening scenes and set the time of outlets being opened or closed.


All of the Milfra smart products are entirely certified. Those certifications include ETL, FCC, CE, and ROHS certification. Proper quality checks and testing is done before delivering the product.

Their products are designed by keeping child protection in mind. As kids can get their hands on these products and there is a chance, they might get an electric shock. So, keeping an eye on this danger, full child protection is provided in the products. Hence you can install them in your house or hotels without any tension.

Complete Protection

The products come with various protections so that you can use them fearlessly. All the products have multiple protections such as over-voltage protection, over-temperature protection, current protection, and short circuit protection. These protections ensure that no fatal accidents occur, and none of your property or accessory is damaged.

So, Control your household appliances by merely touching your cellphone screen and invest in these products for enjoying a life-changing experience.