Things To Consider Before Getting Your Dog A Bandana

At some point, you must have seen the pictures of other dogs on the internet and thought, “my dog will look good in a bandana too,” but you are somewhat confused on how to go about it. Well, put your mind at ease. This article will teach you all you need to know about getting your dog a bandana.

The key things to know before getting your dog a bandana will be explained in four simple to understand points.

● The size of the bandana:

This is the most important thing to consider before getting that bandana. You want to get the right size; not so big that your dog has difficulty moving around or it harbors dog hairs that your dog might accidentally choke on, and not so small that it puts pressure and induces choking.

To get the correct measurement, you need a soft metric rule or tape rule.

Place one end at the base of your dog’s neck, which is the place where the neck meets the back, and take the tape under the chin to meet the other end of the tape. Make sure that the other end overlaps to give enough space. Add five or six centimeters to get the right feet.

If your dog has a lot of hair, tighten the tape a bit to flatten the hair but not tight enough that there is no space between the tape and the neck. If your dog has rolls, measure the widest part of the neck to get the accurate size.

● Color:

Another important aspect is the color of the bandana. However, any color would do, as you are free to choose from a wide range of patterns and colors, but there are certain situations where the color of the bandana can be used to relay information to the public.

If you have a dog with difficulty seeing or hearing, a white-colored bandana is an excellent way to tell the public that your dog is impaired; a yellow-colored bandana says that your dog has just had surgery and is in recovery. You can look up the colors of dogs’ bandanas and their meanings for better knowledge.

● Material:

The best fabrics to use for making bandanas are washable cotton or cotton blend. This is because of the texture and how easy it is to wash and reuse.

● Safety:

Although the risk of jeopardizing your dog’s safety is significantly reduced by getting the right size of the bandana, you should not leave your dog unattended for a long time if it has a bandana on or any other accessories. Make sure that it is tied loose enough around the neck so that it does not restrict breathing.

Now that you know the three things to consider before getting your dog a bandana, what are the advantages?

  • It helps your dog stay warm during the cold weather.
  • There are specific water-absorbing bandanas that are designed to keep your dog cool when it is hot. All that is required is for you to dip them in water, and the polymer beads will absorb moisture to keep your four-legged friend fresh and cool when you go out on walks or to the park.
  • Essential oils and relief sprays made for dogs, when applied on bandanas, can keep your dog calm during thunderstorms and other agitating situations.


Getting your dog a bandana will not only benefit your dog but you, as its owner too. The tips in this article will help you make the right choice.