Things You Need to Know About Highlight Wigs

Wearing highlighted wigs is the easiest way to upgrade your hairstyle. The wigs can give you a soft or bold appearance depending on the color choices. Highlighting is done mainly on old wigs to rejuvenate and give them a fresh and new look. However, some people also bleach new human hair wigs to match their needs. Buying a human hair wig with highlights is expensive, so most people prefer doing it for themselves. We outline some highlight wigs aspects below.

Aspects of Highlight Wigs You Should Know

It’s good to familiarise yourself with these wigs before buying or embarking on a DIY journey to change their appearance.

1. What are highlight wigs?

These are wigs with two-tone colors, one being the base color and the other the highlight color. Typically, highlight hair pieces should be lighter than your natural hair color. The base color acts as the guide for your preferred highlight. You can choose to play it safe and go for a monochromatic look. For example, if you have brown hair or that’s the base color, select a lighter shade of brown for your highlights.

If you are bold and not afraid to experiment, go for contrasting highlights like black human hair wigs with pink or blue highlights. Highlighted wigs are suitable for those who want to move away from the norm of single-colored wigs and want depth on their hair.

2. What are the different highlight wigs hairstyles?

These types of wigs are the new craze in town and are plenty in the market. They are versatile and come in several styles: bob wigs with highlights, curly wigs with highlights, highlighted lace front wigs, or headband wigs with highlights. In terms of color, brown hair with light brown or blonde highlights, black hair with brown or bold color highlights like red and pink. You can pick any color for your highlights as long as it’s your preferred look and style.

3. Is it good to highlight old wigs?

Highlighting old wigs is okay, but there are tips to note before doing it. Highlighting a used human hair wig is similar to bleaching your natural hair. Unlike natural hair, which grows directly from the scalp and has natural oil within the strands, used wigs tend to dry up when exposed to chemicals. This is because they lack oils, and constant washing contributes to their dry state. In most cases, the coloring is successful, but you must be careful when doing it, and post-coloring care and maintenance are required.

4. Highlight wigs maintenance

Due to the bleaching chemicals, highlight wigs dry up quickly, and the hair strands can break if proper care is not given. Always clean the hair in warm water using a good shampoo brand and conditioner. Use human hair wig oils to moisturize and make it shine.

Final Word

Different highlighting techniques are used to achieve various wig looks. Highlighted wigs bring out your boldness, allowing you to experiment with various colors. Choosing to bleach your wig is a great idea, considering how expensive already highlighted wigs are in the market. However, it is best to highlight a new wig than an old one since it’s in pretty good condition. If you choose to create highlights on a used wig, take the necessary precautions or seek assistance from a hairstylist.