Tissue Paper vs. Toilet Bidet – Which Is Better?

Toilet bidets are taking over tissue papers in different parts of the world.

You may roll your eyes and think bidets are for rich people.

This is not the case! There are a lot of affordable makes and models that can fit your budget!

People are using it because it is way safer and better than wiping with tissue paper.

The unhygienic practice of tissue wiping

Are you still using toilet paper to wash your bottom when you use the bathroom?

It is time that you stop that habit for practicality, greener living, and good hygiene!

Think about it, when your hands are dirty, do you think wiping it off with tissue paper is enough? No! Germs and bacteria can still remain and spread, which can cause problems later on.

We have been told time and again to always wash our hands to get rid of germs and bacteria.

The same principle should be applied to our genital and anal areas. These parts are more sensitive than your hands.

If this does not convince you, here is a list of other reasons why you should ditch the tissue wiping habit:


There is always a high probability that wiping off with a tissue paper does not completely clean you up. You might even accidentally touch something while doing the process. No matter how small or unnoticeable the contact is, your hand still ends up contaminated.

Soiled clothes

If you do not do a proper job of cleaning up, remnants can still remain and this can soil your underwear and clothes. The smell will also stick and you would end up a stinky mess.

Skin irritation

People with constipation can probably relate to this. By the third or fourth time you hit the toilet, your butt is gonna start to hurt. This is because toilet paper has a dry and abrasive texture. This can lead to skin irritations with frequent use.

Running out of toilet paper

You know you are having a bad day when you run out of toilet paper just when you need it the most. When you have a toilet bidet instead, you do not have to worry about stocking up.

No clogging

The number one cause of toilet clogging is tissue paper. Every time you flush down your toilet paper along with the toilet, this has the potential to clog your pipes. Eventually, you will have to face a stinky and gross mess plus pay for repair costs.

Toilet paper hurts the environment

It takes more than 10 million trees per year to meet the demand for toilet paper supply in America. Imagine if these statistics were combined with the rest of the world. The manufacturing process is not that pretty, either.

Now that you know the cons of this unhygienic habit, it is time to do something about it!

Using a bidet spray is one of the best solutions since it uses water and prevents the spreading of bacteria and germs in your private parts.

It also gives pain relief and comfort for those who are dealing with urinary and bowel movement problems.