Top Methods for Maintaining your Garden Hose Reel

Garden hose reels are common. They can be used to tidy a garden. When in use, they can get damaged. They may also get a puncture, thereby leading to a repair or the replacement of damaged parts. That can add to your total monthly expenditure. Some o the issues about the garden hose reel can easily be avoided or resolved by tools.

If you have basic, do-it-yourself skills, you can resolve these issues. Here is your to-go URL. Do it yourself saves time, money, and other resources involved in the maintenance process. From selecting the proper hose reel to set up, following the steps below can increase your product’s lifespan.

Ensure that you have purchased the right product

Purchasing the right garden hose reel is one of the best ways to ensure that the new hose reel will not leak. Your device should have features such as the NeverLeak Water System, found on a high-end metal hose reel. The system is the device’s channel of eliminating leaking due to threading while preventing cracking caused by accidental freezing. That should give you up to 5 years of efficient use of the garden hose reel.

Troubleshoot the leaks

Following the extensive use of your garden hose reel, troubleshooting may be the norm. The fix can be as easy as you tightening a connection and replacing a rubber gasket. Follow these steps to achieve excellent results.

1. Identify the source of the leak

When your garden hose is tied to the reel, it may be challenging to identify the source of a leak. It would be best if you first unwound the hose, then go ahead pressurize it. That way, you will find the leak.

The second step you should take is checking and replacing the rubber gaskets. The connections in that hose reel system have a gasket. The element helps it by preventing leaking. If it is not in the hose reel, the machine will not do its job. So, you need to clean it and add some silicone grease. Then, could you put it back? Go ahead and pick one from your local store.

The third step in making sure that your garden hose reel is functioning correctly is tightening the connections. If the gasket is in perfect shape, then you need to tighten the areas with a leak. You could invest in metal connections, where you tighten the spaces with a wrench. Remember not to overtighten the metallic element or plastic. That may cause breakage.

2. Assess the machine for cross threading

If your garden hose reel has a water system made of plastic, it could be cross-threaded. It would help if you detached the hose before inspecting the plastic water system and the threads that make up the device. If the threads are broken, then the ideal fix should be replacing the water system. You could also replace the hose reel.

Final Thoughts

It would be best if you always had a properly functioning O-ring in the hose reel. To reach the ring, you first need to remove the middle pull nut located at the nob. Use a jerk to take it out. Pull the know from the machine and inspect the spindle. You can now remove the ring through the machine’s shaft. Then, install a new one.