Top signs you need to upgrade your vanity cabinets

The bathroom vanity cabinet is one of those utility items that serve a variety of purposes. Often, the heavy use of these cabinets leads to a steady decline in the quality of its parts; the hinges begin to get stuck, and the doors refuse to shut. Due to the essential nature of cabinets, there is a tendency to overlook the need to upgrade them. A lot of persons don not upgrade their vanity cabinet because of their inability to see ample reasons why they should enhance it. This article highlights those signs that signal the need for your vanity cabinet to have a complete makeover.

The hinges make weird sounds.

If you’ve ever tried to shut the door of your drawer and the next thing you hear is an awkward sound, it might be time for a change. This sound is often as a result of the hinges getting weak due to continuous use. Replacing the hinges might be the only way to have your vanity drawer back in good condition.

The drawers cannot take your stuff anymore.

If you haven’t noticed, it’s become more and more challenging to fit all of your things in your cabinet drawer. It’s become even worrisome that the drawers start to break because you try to force your towel and other personal items into the drawer. It’s a sign that you need to have a cabinet upgrade to have enough space within the drawer. The upgrade might require the construction of more layers of drawers or the expansion of the current setup. 

You stretch to access the items in your cabinet

It’s ridiculous for you to have to bend and bend to access personal items in your vanity drawer. This awkwardness might be as a result of a bad design or wrong positioning of the vanity in your bathroom. An upgrade in the form of placing the cabinet in a more open position could help with this situation; such an update ensures you’re able to access these items without having to stretch or bend for long periods.

The surface polish is starting to peel off

The beauty of the vanity cabinet lies in its painting and surface finishing appeal. When this surface finish starts to peel off, there’s a high tendency that the vanity cabinet begins to lose its charm and aesthetics. Beyond the aesthetics, water starts to penetrate the furniture more and more with each peel. It’s important to observe such change to the surface finish to know when to act.

The doors do not shut.

There’s nothing as frustrating and annoying as having to force the door of your cabinet shut every single time you pick an item from inside. Such a phenomenon occurs as a result of the dislodging of components used in the construction of the door.

Final thought

The essential nature of vanity basin cabinets is never in doubt; however, these cabinets require upgrades from time to time. This article provides those signs that help you decide when to upgrade your bathroom vanity cabinets as well as suitable upgrade methods.