Various applications of the African lace fabric

Ladies love their lace dresses in all of its glory; this is evident in how they wear it to every event. There’s no gainsaying that a lace fabric that’s properly sewn is more than capable of bringing out the elegant side of any individual. There are different types of lace, and each class has its unique qualities. The use of lace fabrics spans through centuries, and the material has gained widespread popularity for its unique elegance.

You might belong to the category of people that believe that lace fabrics are only suitable for making dresses; this is not entirely true. Lace fabrics are ideal for a wide variety of purposes, and it’s left to you to decide which is more suitable. This article beams the light on some essential areas where the use of the lace fabric could prove to be a masterstroke.

Decorative edge for fabrics

The fact that you can combine your lace material effortlessly with other fabrics makes it even more desirable. You could always line the edge of your favourite clothing with a piece of the lace fabric. A simple trim off your lace fabric could prove magical on your towel or curtains. Furthermore, you could decide to cut the lace in patterns that combine well with such garments seamlessly.

Good fit on curtains

Your curtains could become the cynosure of all eyes once you have a bit of lace sewn on it. It would be best if you considered fixing a bit of lace fabric on the length and width of your curtains for decoration. Also, window blinds and drapes could do with a bit of lace material; lace materials have perforations that allow inflow of air.

Accessory for adornment

In ancient English settings, lace materials were often used as fashion items in the form of scarfs and shawls. Also, lace materials were used in making the collars on English wears in a way that it gives the wearer a touch of exquisiteness. Much hasn’t changed in this regards as many fashion enthusiasts incorporate lace fabrics into the design of their brand.

Wedding gowns and bridal wears

You must have noticed the use of lace materials on many bridal wears being worn in recent times. The lace fabric is added as a layer over the usually thick materials used in making these dresses. In other climes, it is used in making the veils that drape over the face of the bride; this is because lace fabrics are see-through.


Makers of lingerie and other undergarments worn by women have incorporated the use of lace fabrics into the design of these items. The see-through nature of the fabric provides a suitable property for this purpose. It’s important to note that some undergarment producers combine lace materials with other fabrics to reduce its transparency.

Final Thought

Lace fabrics have been used in making dresses for centuries, but much is not known about their use in other areas. This article pinpoints some areas where the use of fabrics like the French lace can be applied to significant effects.