What Are Lockets And What Are They Used For?

A locket is a small case of aesthetic value usually attached to a personalisierte halskette. It could be made of silver, gold, or any other valuable material. It is used as a keepsake for valuable things such as pictures, notes, or even a lock of hair.

Lockets can be used as gifts for special occasions such as weddings, funerals, christening, or Valentine’s Day. Since many centuries back, various lockets have various significance depending on the occasion.

It could be any of the following

  • Showing loyalty to a loved one or a public figure
  • Mourning a loved one or a famous person you hold dear.
  • Honoring a friendship.

How and When to Use a Locket

Not every locket has a photo or a note or a lock of hair inside it. Sometimes people wear lockets around their necks to carry a perfumed scent. According to them, the sent from the locket gives them a soothing relief especially when they are stressed.

Other than scented perfumes, a locket can be used to keep the following

A valuable item

People who wear lockets are likely to keep in them something of immense value. It could be a prayer, a wish, or a picture of someone dear. Such people love carrying this keepsake wherever they go.

Putting a prayer or a wish in a locket makes it more significant. You will always think of these prayers and wishes when you wear them thus it serves as a reminder.

A private Item

Sometimes, Lockets are used to keep certain items away from the public eye. The rule here is that the locket shouldn’t be transparent. You can put certain things of interest such as notes, pictures, or trinkets inside the locket and you will be the only one aware it’s there.

Something Close to the heart

Lockets are often cherished because of what they represent rather than their aesthetic value. When Lockets are worn with a necklace, they swing close to the heart.

They are used to hold pictures of family members and loved ones that are close to the heart. Hence it makes perfect sense to have your locket hanging over the heart. This is probably why most manufacturers design heart-shaped lockets.

Something Practical

Sometimes, people wear lockets to carry things of specific purpose. Such things might not have sentimental values but for some reason, they are important to you. An example is a perfumed square used in the past.


A particular locket might have more than one meaning that is a combination of the uses described above. It all depends on the wearer and his reasons for wearing it. As a gift for oneself or a loved one, you can modify the significance of a locket further.

This can be achieved by using certain shapes, engravings, or materials. In summary, the shape of a locket and the material it is made from goes a long way to determine the significance of a locket.