Why Garden Hose Reel Are in Demand

Ever thought of how you can overcome the discomfort of tripping over the hose each time you are watering your garden? Well, the answer is quite simple. You can easily get a reel for your garden hose.

A water hose with a reel makes your job easier because it can lock at any desired length. Before we go into other advantages of using a hose reel properly, let us quickly go through a few considerations one should make before buying one.

After all, you can only benefit maximally, if you choose the most suitable one for your garden.

Top Considerations To Make While Buying a Garden Hose Reel

1. Is the Reel Retractable or not?

While some garden hoses are retractable, others are not. With a retractable reel, you won’t have to go through the stress of arranging the hose back into the reel manually.

2. Length

Different garden hoses come in different sizes. Before you choose any reel, consider the length of your hose and make sure it fits. Do not buy a hose reel that is too small for your hose

3. Portability

If your garden is a large one, you might want to get a reel that you can easily move around as you work. On the other hand, you might not need a moveable reel if your garden is small, or your hose is long enough.

Advantages of Using a Reel For Your Garden Hose

1. It is safe

One of the most important reasons why people opt for a hose with a reel in the first place is to ensure safety. Without a reel, you will have Hoses scattered all over the place and this can lead to accidents.

But with a suitable reel, you don’t have to bother about home accidents and different situations that come with it. The reel permits you to only pull out as much length as you need while gardening.

2. It makes your garden look tidy

Buying a hose reel will make your garden look tidy and organized without clusters of pipes everywhere. When you are done watering your garden or cleaning your equipment, you can easily roll the hose back into the reel.

3. It is convenient

Just like has been noted earlier, some reels are retractable. This means that hoses can be drawn in. However, some of them aren’t retractable, but it is advisable to always go for the retractable ones.

With a hose reel that can retract, you wouldn’t spend much time folding and arranging the hose once you are done working. It not only saves time, but it also saves energy too.

4. It is long-lasting

A hose reel preserves the life of the hose itself. To a great extent, it reduces the possibility of sun damage because it is not always exposed to the sun.

It prevents tangling and protects the hose from cracking. Having a long-lasting hose means you won’t have to get a new one every time. It is therefore economical.

5. It protects your plants

After watering the garden with a hose, you can reel it back in place and not leave it on the floor. Constantly leaving your garden hose on the floor can cause harm to the plants.


A garden hose reel makes gardening safe, it is convenient, and it preserves the life span of the hose. This is why Garden owners are advised to buy a reel for their garden hose.