Why should you use a pressure washer hose reel

A pressure washer is a device used for professional and household cleaning tasks like cleaning the deck, patio, walkways, industry floors, and vehicles. There are various types of pressure washers on the market. Electric pressure washers and gas-powered pressure washers are examples of the most popular styles. Regardless of the type, all pressure washers come with a hose. The role of the hose is to deliver the water from the tap or any other source to the cleaning application area. Arguably, the hose is the most significant part of a pressure washer. Maintaining a hose can be challenging. This is because hoses are prone to twisting and kinking, which could make usage difficult and cause damages. For this reason, pressure washer hose reels were established.

Benefits of using a pressure washer hose reel

Below are some advantages of owning and using a pressure washer hose reel;

1. Storage

The primary benefit also doubles down as the primary role of a pressure washer hose reel, storage. Hose reels are designed to act as storage tools for hoses. Typically, the hoses are winded around the crank or wheel of the hose reel. This is done when they are not in use. Meaning, with a hose reel, you do not need to worry about storing your hose away after use or when you do not need to use it. You also do not require extra floor space for storage of either the hose or the reel. This is especially the case of stationary hose reels. These types of hose reels are usually installed permanently in a particular location. Therefore, they do not take up floor space or require storage.

2. Protection

In addition to storage, these products also protect the hoses. One of the most common causes of damages to hoses is improper storage. Hoses are not the most straightforward products to store away because you would have to fold them properly. Doing this can be challenging, especially if you are dealing with a long and chunky hose. With a hose reel, this does not have to be a problem.

All you need to do is set up the reel, wind your hose on it, and only pull it out when you need to use it. Once you have completed using the hose, you rewind it or let it go; if you have an automatic retractable hose reel, your hose will get rewinded automatically.

3. Convenience

Another advantage of garden hose reels is that they are highly convenient. It not only helps with storage and protection, but it also allows you to effortlessly and conveniently use the product. You do not have to worry about unwinding the hose before using it or spending time winding it after application.


It is worth mentioning that the benefits of hose reels differ from one design to the next. For instance, the benefits offered by retractable hose reels differ from those provided by manual reels. Therefore, you may want to consider the pros provided by various types before making a choice.